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    South Africa
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    University Degree
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    1-3 years
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    More than 20000RMB
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    To be discussed
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    2024-06-03 16:42
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Professional Experience
  • 2024/02 - Present ESL Teacher
  • Hangzhou Qiantang Jinshahu Shiyan School - Hangzhou,Zhejiang(China)
  • I teach grade 1 and 2 students. My role involves developing and delivering customized lesson plans, utilizing textbooks as frameworks, and emphasizing speech development. This experience has honed my ability to adapt my teaching methods to meet the needs of diverse learners and to create an engaging and supportive learning environment.
  • 2023/01 - 2024/02 Homeroom teacher
  • DMZ Elizabeth International Kindergarten - Tangshan,Hebei(China)
  • Started with Prek-1 and currently in Prek-2
    Each foreign teacher is in charge of two classes that they follow until they graduate. Attend one class from 8:30 till 12:00 and attend the next class from 2:00 - 5:30. When in class, I oversee and assess the children with their growth and development throughout the year. This entails creating an English environment by teaching (for 2 hours) English so that they can be able to read and communicate in English. After teaching time I supervise the children’s playtime and mealtime, nurture them and help them with everyday tasks of life.
  • 2022/03 - 2023/01 ESL Teacher
  • ESL Primary Teacher - Linping No.5 Primary School - Hangzhou,Zhejiang(China)
  • Teaching grade 1 and 2
    Preparing of own lessons and PPT’s for class in correlation to what the teacher required me to teach or the progress of the class. Conduct and perform the lesson in my own manner but following the page numbers and work from the provided textbook. Focused on speech rather than writing
  • 2020/12 - 2022/03 ESL Teacher
  • ESL Primary Teacher - Beijing no.8 School: Gu’an Academy - - Gu\'an - Langfang, Hebei (China)
  • Teaching grade 2 - 5
    Preparing lessons plans for class and providing them to the school. Preparing lessons in connection to what they have learned and focusing on speech and writing. Lessons focused on text book, reading books, national and international holidays, and phonics. Did speech, tests and exams.
  • 2020/01 - 2020/12 ESL Teacher
  • ESL Teacher - Field Education - Xiantao,Hubei(China)
  • Foreign English Teacher
    Follow curriculum set by the training centre and follow the teaching steps. Design games and activities for the class. Prepare detailed lesson plans and also prepare homework videos for the kids. Taught Prek 1 and Prek 2. Conducted and assisted in both summer and winter classes and also school outdoor activities. Worked with a Kindergarten in their English programme and also judged a grade 5 oral English exam.
  • Bachelor\'s Degree Psychology 2015/01 - 2017/12
  • University of South Africa - South Africa